Thankyou, Lauren AKA Ponytail Journal

Over the past few weeks/months we have got to know the lady behind the fantastic Ponytail Journal. Lauren is a rare breed, someone who is talented and nice in equal measures! We sent her a few things to run her keen eye over and she was kind enough to write an article about her travels with our newly re-designed Passport Wallet, which you can buy here:

You can read her review HERE and it is also worth following her on Instagram - her posts always stand out in my cluttered feed!

New Travel / Weekend Bag

We just wanted to share some photos of the new bag we've been working on. It has taken MANY attempts to get to this point, and there are a few tweaks still to be made but we're getting closer. It's a pretty big bag, about 18" tall and in width. The top 4" folds over to create a closure of sorts, and there is a zip pocket inside for keeping any valuables/small items safe. There are also a couple of easy access pouches on the 'front' for anything that you need to stow away. We're planning to use this as one of our items of hand luggage when we go away next month, so we'll have a better idea of what needs to be added/tweaked after a few days of use. Anyway, photos...

Inventory Magazine 2009 - 2016

I was sad to read that the guys at Inventory Magazine have decided to call it a day. Inventory was a leader in the menswear/lifestyle crossover and inspired many. I would go as far as to say that we probably wouldn't be doing what we do today, and i literally wouldn't be wearing some of the things that i wear on a regular basis (Gitman for Inventory Items shirts are my absolute favourites) were it not for Inventory Magazine.

Congratulations to them on making something that will be referenced forever and for sharing their knowledge of all that is good. 

They say it's best to go out on top and that being the case I can understand why the current issue is the last. Sad, but all good things...

All General Made x No Kipple

As some of you may already know, we have been working in collaboration with our friend Jon from to create an exclusive wallet. The wallet has been drafted and re-drafted numerous times until we had a product that we both love. You can order one here:

Jon has been very kind with his words and we are grateful to him for his time spent and support for makers like us. Here is a link to a short interview/article about us!

If you have the time, it is well worth having a look at 'The Makers' section of his site, which is dedicated to small brands like ourselves.


Belts...for your arm.

Single and double wrap...bracelets? cuffs? wristbands? arm-belts? Whatever you want to call them, we will get the finer details ironed out and get them up on the site soon!