Our Story

Sometime in 2010 we started to think about what it was that we wanted to do. The initial idea was to open a shop selling useful, everyday objects. We have the vision of an old style 'general store' stocking carefully curated items, both new and vintage. We envision a store which is not just a place to shop but an extension of the lifestyle we long for. Tools, furniture, clothes, plants, accessories…the list goes on but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

As we work towards that goal, we are focused on developing a few core products that we will be proud to call our own. We like things that are useful, functional and well made. We are drawn to items that improve our daily lives which are not led by fashion or trends. We believe that things should last…and we aim to be the makers of things that last.

We have only just begun our journey and are excited to see what General will become.

Jamie & Anna